Research Update

Things have been moving right along at the museum! I just had a paper accepted in Ecology and Evolution about the effects of including related individuals in population and landscape genetic analyses. I will write more about this once the paper comes out! I also have another paper in review about bent-toed gecko biogeography on the Sunda Shelf. I learned a hard lesson working on these two projects; it is very difficult to switch between two systems that are so different. In one case, I was talking about recent processes at very fine geographic scales, while the gecko paper was about continent-scale divergence across a genus over 50 million years!

My work with the woodland salamanders is also progressing. I have finished all the field work and have starting prepping genomic libraries for fresh tissues. I have also extracted genomic DNA from formalin-fixed samples in my test runs, and plan to extract the rest of the historical samples in the Spring.


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